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Match #180
Match #180

Opponent: SfG - Sawners for GTA /
Date: 22.01.2021
Map: SF Airport
Hitbox: Skinhit
Lineup of fSc: Yuchi, Crasherqoo, Zemb, soFt, Pereira, BeasT
Lineup of SfG: Reyos, somrafka

1st Round | fSc 30:21 SfG (soFt, BeasT) vs (Reyos, somrafka)
2nd Round | fSc 30:21 SfG (Yuchi, Zemb) vs (Reyos, somrafka)
3rd Round | fSc 30:19 SfG (Pereira, Crasherqoo) vs (Reyos, somrafka)

Overall: fSc [3] 90:61 [0] SfG
Winner: fSc - Firing Squad Clan

Top Damage: sfg.reyosss: Damage: 2877.59
Top Ratio: fSc.Yuchi: Kills: 18 | Deaths: 09 | TeamKills: 00 | Ratio: 2.00

You can find the cw report by clicking on 'Read more'.

I don't have much to say, a clanwar without crying and other bullshits went just fine, well played, and we hope to see you again in the future, you guys can improve a lot, but overall you are not bad at all.

1st round gameplay by soFt
Closing the recruitment.
Please keep in mind, that after we have decided Yuchi's application
(doesn't matter whether he will be or he won't be accepted)
our recruitment is going to be closed for an unknown period.
It's not worth apping since we will not accept anyone, our team is full and our members think we are enough.
Thank you for your understanding.
Match #179
Match #179

Opponent: uMED /
Date: 16.01.2021
Map: SF Airport
Hitbox: Skinhit
Lineup of fSc: Crasherqoo, destiezk
Lineup of uMED: meny, DanEk, bulovaGOD

1st Round | fSc 30:25 uMED (Crasherqoo, destiezk) vs (meny, DanEk)
2nd Round | fSc 30:25 uMED (Crasherqoo, destiezk) vs (meny, DanEk)
3rd Round | fSc 30:20 uMED (Crasherqoo, destiezk) vs (DanEk, bulovaGOD)

Overall: fSc [3] 90:70 [0] uMED
Winner: fSc - Firing Squad Clan

Top Damage: fSc_destiezk (4669)
Top Accuracy: [fSc_Crasherqoo] (43%)
Most Efficient Player: fSc_destiezk (992)

We were waiting for this challange a lot, and finally today it took place. We congratulate for uMED, well played, and finally a cw without crying and those stupid bullshits. Except that meny was Usain Bolt himself, everything else was fine. We look forward to play again in the future, good game.

3rd round gameplay by Crasher

Match #178
Match #178

Opponent: bTd - Bring Them Dead /
Date: 11.01.2021
Map: SF Airport
Hitbox: Skinhit
Server: (destiezk's Clanwar Server)
Lineup of fSc: RoBoT, TweaK, BeasT, destiezk, eMiLioo, TwisT3R, laGZ
Lineup of bTd: shapeshifter, void, HellFire, checkm8te, _AK47_

1st Round | fSc 30:21 bTd (RoBoT, TweaK, BeasT) vs (shapeshifter / void, HellFire, checkm8te)
2nd Round | fSc 30:19 bTd (RoBoT, destiezk, eMiLioo) vs (void, HellFire, checkm8te)
3rd Round | fSc 30:21 bTd (RoBoT, TwisT3R, laGZ) vs (_AK47_, HellFire, checkm8te)

Overall: fSc [3] 90:61 [0] bTd
Winner: fSc - Firing Squad Clan

Top Damage: fSc_RoBoT: Damage: 3146.23
Top Ratio: fSc_RoBoT: Kills: 33 | Deaths: 18 | TeamKills: 00 | Ratio: 1.83


A revenge CW against bTd clan, I have nothing to say, they are not bad at all, I respect them for their fair play. The clanwar started as a 4v4 fight until shapeshifter's packetloss was high enough not to let him play afterwards. The fight itself, however, continued as a 3v3 one. Also, we thank them that we played it on our server, we hope to see you in the future clan wars against us.
+1 RoBoT
Yo boys,

Today we had invited one of our oldest members, RoBoT who is a Canadian player but lives in Slovakia.

Welcome here, again :)
+1 carttti
Dear everyone!

A new member called carttti joined us, be welcomed queen,hope you will enjoy your time here with us
The final decision
Greetings everyone,

As you all know there were a lot of bad things around fSc which included we're a crew not a clan, and some big clans didn't play clanwars with us because of our people had 2 clans, now I claim officially that no one has two clans in our team, I proudly announce we're a clan from now on. I hope from now on there will not be any misunderstandings about that. If you still have any remaining questions, we're open to hear it.

See you until next time.
Match #177
Match #177

Opponent: eWo - Eyes Wide Open /
Date: 05.01.2021
Map: SF Airport
Hitbox: Skinhit
Server: (destiezk's Clanwar Server)
Lineup of fSc: destiezk, BeasT, Lagzik, Razgriz, hardzeraGOD, TwisT3R
Lineup of eWo: Vanderk, Shotisko.17, Malda, Nestrix

1st Round | fSc 30:12 eWo (destiezk, BeasT) vs (Malda, Shotisko.17)
2nd Round | fSc 30:16 eWo (destiezk, BeasT, Lagzik) vs (Malda, Shotisko.17, NesTriX)
3rd Round | fSc 30:28 eWo (TwisT3R, hardzeraGOD, Razgriz) vs (Malda, Shotisko.17, NesTriX)
4th Round | fSc 30:16 eWo (destiezk, hardzeraGOD, Razgriz) vs (Malda, Shotisko.17, Vanderk)

Overall: fSc [4] 120:72 [0] eWo
Winner: fSc - Firing Squad Clan

Top Damage: fSc_destiezk: Damage: 4783.80
Top Ratio: fSc_destiezk: Kills: 51 | Deaths: 17 | TeamKills: 02 | Ratio: 2.91


I can say that it was quite pleasant to play this war. The CW took part without any conflict or crying because of unnecessary things. NesTriX had like 2-3 PL so he even agreed that we can let our Brazilian players with 200+ pings to play, I have a huge respect for that. Good game guys, we hope to face you in the future again.
+1 BeasT
Hey everyone,

I would like to announce that we have picked up a new member, BeasT

We're glad you're here, enjoy your time.
Match #176
Match #176

Opponent: _nM - No Mercy /
Date: 02.01.2021
Map: SF Airport
Hitbox: Skinhit
Server: (destiezk's Clanwar Server)
Lineup of fSc: destiezk, Razgriz, TranYon, Zemb
Lineup of _nM: Yuchi, Churaq, DomYkos, Salson

1st Round | fSc 30:23 _nM (destiezk, Razgriz, Tranyon) vs (SalsoN, Yuchi, DomyKoS)
2nd Round | fSc 30:27 _nM (destiezk, Razgriz/TranYon, Zemb) vs (Churaq, Yuchi, DomyKoS)
3rd Round | fSc 30:24 _nM (destiezk, Zemb, Razgriz) vs (Churaq, Yuchi, DomyKoS)

Overall: fSc [3] 90:74 [0] _nM
Winner: fSc - Firing Squad Clan

Top Damage: [fSc]destiezk: Damage: 5163.40
Top Ratio: [fSc]destiezk: Kills: 51 | Deaths: 31 | TeamKills: 01 | Ratio: 1.64


A war against _nM (No Mercy) clan played at night went crazy, there were a lot of crying about our players' ping, while they told us they want a peace match without crying and just for fun, but whatever. Good game, and we hope to see you against us in the future. Also, I'm proud of Razgriz, who played his first war in his life. :)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

(Click on read more to watch more photographies taken by us :))

Dear members, fans, haters, Sallen, and everyone else.
I'm glad to say that once again: we are really happy that we had successfully reborned our team in SA:MP's world,
but that's not the thing that matters. We wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2021,
and we hope it will be better than 2020,
probably it was one of the worst years due to COVID-19 and everything else.
I would like to thank everyone in our team that you are here,
we highly appreciate you, and thanks to you guys our team is producing it's best. <3
Once again, Happy Holidays everyone, and see you until next time!
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29-07-2021 14:12
chcces kopacku na celo ? kokot

29-07-2021 13:58
Zemb to je taka mahagánska kurva

29-07-2021 11:48
büdös názik

18-07-2021 21:55

01-07-2021 10:02